Spring brings new leafs

Spring brings new leafs

As I slightly altered small details of my concept in the course of the project, changing the initial mood board is a natural process. To make it more ‘mine’, I got rid of some of the photos I used at the beginning and replaced them with my own artwork.

Obviously, I kept some of the initial photographs so that my concept visualization still conveys the relaxed and positive feeling I want to achieve in both my presentation and my product.

The first picture I used is taken by photographer Daniel Shea on one of the US Open tournaments – for me, it represents less the competitive idea of the tournament and more the concept of pure enjoyment of the sport and players hanging out together. The second one is by the brand Monsieur Lacenaire – there is a part of this picture that speaks of free summer afternoons, of carelessness and comfort – values that I would like my customers to be aware of and this way give themselves time for enjoyment and, respectively, time to fuel their creativity and imagination.

Including the laser-cut shape on the back gives a better idea of not only my chosen garments but also of all of the outfits in the collection. In my new version of the mood board, I am also incorporating parts of the print, as well as drawings that inspired my further research and design process.

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