Left side, right side

Left side, right side

A quick reflection on my tennis outfit since my last toile…

I ditched my idea for a removable turtleneck, although I made it detachable on my last test shirt. I find the idea of using adorable wooden buttons great, the only reason I decided not to go for it is because I am designing the outfit for my athlete, who really wanted the turtleneck so that may bring some confusion into the idea of authenticity and design process for the needs of one person only.

What I corrected since last time is the length of the side openings so that no underwear is shown, the size of the sleeves, now tighter towards the ends, and the tension of the shorts panel, which now allows free movements and has lots of stretch to it.

Another thing I had to work on a lot until I got the right proportions is the size of the tennis ball pocket because, unfortunately, it was too small last time, but now the size is just big enough to fit a tennis ball and not big enough to allow it to fall off.

Just as I got the size and the shape right, though, my athlete realized that it was actually still not completely functional, as it was on the wrong side. How? Well, playing with his right hand means he will need to access his ball pocket with his left hand, which requires me to move it to the other side.

Although I still have details to fix, this toile worked much better and fits great. Now I just need to make the right side left side.


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