Sense X

Sense X


Sense X is a collection inspired by and created especially for blind and visually impaired people. Its aim is to assist the building of personal style through independent shopping and to develop the curiosity for fashion through touch and smell.

The collection is based upon exploring tactile objects and assisting in dressing. It also addresses self-confidence issues occurring in result of blindness and visual impairment.

Every garment is based upon suggestions and feedback from potential customers, designers for blind people and blind artists, who were able to provide constructive feedback regarding concept and function.

Sense X provides an easy matching technology, based on shape. This means that each piece bears a different shape, based on the outfit it has been aligned to. Each garment has a braille tag sewn onto it with a description of the garment and dressing instructions, if necessary. This, along with the tactile details, gives a good idea of how a garment would combine with any clothes that the customers might already have.

All of the pieces in Sense X are easy to put on and take off, based on customer experience and personal experiments. They are easy to wash and care for and are made out of extremely soft and/or tactile materials, predominantly based on natural fibres.


Outfit one consists of a reversible dress made out of alpaca wool and mohair. The dress can be put on in any way /including inside out and back to front/ and provides a reversible pocket for storage. Outfit one is completely handmade with knitted alpaca connections and panels that wrap around the body to ease movement. It also includes a tactile bag, materials for which are sponsored by Kvadrat.


Outfit two has two tactile pieces: a dress and a coat. The dress consists of two layers – incredibly soft lining and hand embroidered tulle and has only one stitch at the back to reduce rubbing. The coat provides a hand embroidered braille description, placed on a suitable area on the sleeve /also with a decorative function/. The outer layer of the coat is extremely abrasion resistant and anti-creasing to ease after care. It is embellished with tactile imagery and tactile buttons. For comfort reasons, the lining of the coat is 100% silk and has a soft touch next to the body. Each piece of this outfit is equipped with a circular label to ease pairing.


Outfit three consists of a reversible sweater and stretch trousers. The sweater is handmade of alpaca wool and mohair and is paired to the trousers with a triangle label. Designed with an extremely stretchy waistband, the trousers are really easy to put on and style with any top, also providing really pleasant tactile texture.


Outfit four is a pure silk dress with tactile imagery on the sides. It also provides braille labels with instructions and description. Really feminine and sensual, it is provoking a sense of self-confidence and luxuriousness. Outfit four also includes a tactile bag for storage.

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