SENSE X Catwalk

SENSE X Catwalk


Making up for three years of what seemed like a decade of decision-making, friend-making, garment-making, occasionally, love-making, this day is to celebrate all friendships and late nights, chain-smoking and laughter, fuelling our masterminds. And it has all been, I realize, leading up to this very point when curtains are finally lifting and what we’ve all been working on is suddenly so… exposed.

It is the day of the fashion show.




The smells of hair spray, fabric, make-up, all mix up with the generally bearable smell of the huge sports hall to all blend into this scent of excitement, which everyone is breathing in with the full capacity of their lungs – teachers, designers, organizers, industry representatives, family.

Here is a brief photo review of the catwalk show for anyone to enjoy with a tasty cake at home.

Images are provided by Gemma Worrall and Sarah Charlotte. 

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