After bringing my designs to life, the time has definitely come to put some instructions in the pack.

I started by measuring each garment carefully in order to give a general idea about the proportions of the outfit. I used some test shots to concentrate on the details and trace every seam and wrinkle exactly as it is. Having in mind that clothes are 3D objects, after all, I find it extremely important to represent accurately how they look on the human body.

I was lucky enough to get my athlete to play in them for me, so I could trace his movements and so I managed to capture how the game changes the shape of the clothing, which, to me, makes the work process much more genuine.

As essentials, I have captured the back, front, and side view of the body performing different movements in tennis.

Something I included for my own convenience and understanding as well, is patterns and measurements to go with them so that it can be easily understood how everything is put together.

Information about trims and stitching is also to be found in the pack, along with accurate digital and paper illustrations and photos.

Another aspect of my technical pack, just as important is a description of how everything is made, including different techniques, fabrics, and equipment.


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