Creating illustrations for the tennis collection started as something I thought I had to just get done, but in fact, the whole process evolved into something extremely inspiring, as my work on this part of the project reflects my concept perfectly.

All of the lines are clean and sharp and incorporate this sense of fluidity which is also to see on my mood board.

For the French Open illustration, I’ve deliberately left gaps, through which the whole illustration can ‘breathe’ so that it is easier and less confusing to look at.

The Australian Open artwork is all about the movement. This is actually the most detailed piece, as it focuses on different muscle groups and shows how the body would move in this outfit, where it would create a wrinkled surface and how the fabric would naturally fall.

My favorite aspect of the Wimbledon illustration is the shape of the body and how it reflects the movement. It shows really accurately where the fabric twists, using predominantly straight lines.

I intentionally avoided any complicity about the US Open drawing, although there is a nice twist that creates visual deception. Try to find it!



1 thought on “Illusion”

  • Some beautiful illustrations here. I particularly like the way your illustrations feel more masculin compared to those of your sisters, but at the same time feel totally related. Keep exploring and pushing this.

    There is some beautiful work here. Is the style and panache of your illustrations align with your mood boards?

    Either way, great work and keep posting 🙂

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