Back to Life

Back to Life

Luckily, after so many wrong turns in my project, I, just like Alice, found the right key to the tiny door. I am also well aware that this is just the beginning of a number of other problems I will need to solve (adventures), so I can’t wait to begin.

In my case, the right key was patience, as I found a way to both laser cut and print my fabric, as soon as other skillful people replaced the missing technician. Laser cutting was a little hard to arrange, as the studio was a mess, everyone was running around and for some reason, I was constantly emailed the wrong dates and times for appointments, but  I am now extremely happy with the amazing textures and that it went so well.

Printing was also a bit of a hassle, as I had to do it partly myself, which sounded like a disaster, having in mind that I hadn’t done printing before. I am now glad I learned how it works, though, because I can do it myself from now on if I get the chance to. What is more, I got an induction on a new machine in the textile department. 

To sum up, I am currently enjoying the colors more than ever (cause you know my line – ‘I love colors!’), and I feel I have learned so much in the course of this project. Now I am looking forward to the end result – my own designs coming to life!

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