Photo Diary Shanghai

Photo Diary Shanghai

Urged by a work trip I had to take up, I got an incredible opportunity to dip my toe in another universe – much more vivid, colorful, full of light.

Fresh out of a three-year lock-down, China opened up it’s camera-ridden steel gates to me and my colleagues, only to show us a near-psychedelic experience of neon shades, pink blooming nature and flashy fashion.

Nestled in thick smog, Shanghai is a controversial city, balancing finely between the nature and the man-made – gigantic skyscrapers would grow elegantly behind a garden of tulips and cherry blossom trees, petals gently cover architectural giants made of concrete and steel.

But no words speak as loudly as the beautiful colors of Shanghai in early spring – so here is a picture diary of the moments that filled my heart with mountains of joy and fields of inspiration.

6 am view from Kempinski hotel

sunrise reflecting in old residence estate buildings

a man dialing something on this phone, Yuyuan district

beautiful blooming flowers at Yu Garden and a girls with a red dress in the background

tulips in the gardens next to the Natural History Museum in Jing’an

a sea of pink tulips

blossom trees in Huangpu

pink petals on my morning walk on Saturday

morning practice on West Nanjing Road

ladies practice on Saturday morning

tourist train on Nanjing Road

bookmaker station, Thursday evening

a meat counter with a pig face

spices and sweets market off Nanjing Road

preparing some delicious insides – was looking for a place to snack after work

delivery guy waiting to pick up an order

ladies preparing dumplings at a market

take away in Jing’an

blossom tree with a business centre in the background

view from my hotel room

early morning before my flight back to Zurich

beautiful morning reflections

exploring the streets on our way to Lost Heaven

Yuyuan – plastic flowers/real flowers

fish swimming in Yuyuan garden

the park near the Natural History Museum, on my morning run


shoe dyeing lab for customization, Nike store in Jing’an

cool fabric, Nike store

shoe concept presentation, Nike store

colorful posters in front of a club, The Hole

ripstop blocking, Intertextile Shanghai

brush camo print on Tyvek®, Intertextile Shanghai

metallic print, Intertextile Shanghai

AiryString tapeless zipper, YKK, Intertextile Shanghai

Zibai metallic logo, Intertextile Shanghai

Zibai matt/metallic logo, Intertextile Shanghai

Zibai wavy logo, Intertextile Shanghai

magnetic closure, OTT, Intertextile Shanghai

Elle China

Store entrance in Jing’an

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